This is the Title.

Blabber the words of wisdom on another page.

Chapter er…: One of those days…


That didn’t quite catch my current mood.



That’ll do.

Why cruel world why?! If God wanted us to suffer he would have created a endless pit of despair and fire and knives and One Direction. BUT HE DIDN’T. Therefore of suffering there must not be.

I rest my case because I really ought to return to my French Oral preparation and Violin Practice and Art Homework and crying in a corner and regular homework and despair…

P.S “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.”

I was so sure of my heterosexuality but then Jennifer Lawrence



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The moment when someone doesn’t know who Jennifer Lawrence is and you want to punch them….

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Chapter 12: Crazy Teenage Antics

lol rofl lmfao like totally xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of the time I try to avoid anything of that nature. Unfortunately I haven’t suceeded very well.

Halfway to the second decade of my lifeth (if I reach that far) is a time of nostalgia.

Moment over.

I think you realise you’ve reached the “crazy teenage phase” when you end up doing relavely irreversable things like getting a tattoo or stealing a carrot crop. I have yet to do either of these things. Although I did only yesterday dye my hair, asking my parents permission mid-dye (because I’m such a badass) that is probably the full extent of my “crazy teenage phase”.

If you are about to reach or are mid-“crazy teenage phase” I’d just recommend stay away from guns and paint and you’ll survive (just).

By all means go take advantage of being able to see 15 or R rated movies legally (eg Magic Mike or Alvin & the Chipmunks 4) although I cannot stress enough how much you should avoid seeing any film like that with relatives. From first hand experience I can tell you that umcomfortable is the understatement of the century. Just take my word for it.

Also (quick thing) I may or may not start uploading my finest works of art in the form of fan-fics so….yeah.

Laterz lol

Chapter (District) 12: My new obsession

As you may have already guessed I do indeed have a new obsession.


I don’t say this a lot but,


Benedict and or Sherlock haters can fuck off.
I am proud to be one.

Chapter 11: Ah..

Look I did say I would get bored of this fairly quickly! Well not bored as such just…less interested…

My Twitter cravings have been taking up an unhealthy amount of my (spare)time as I find it much easier to use. Also I consider it better than Tumblr in everyway :3

*OOOOOH! She went there!*

As I’m sure you’re aware the trilogy of books “The Hunger Games” popularity has recently shot up as they are releasing the film this Friday *Activate film criticisms*. I believe the books are “doing a Twilight” as it were (I am not of course referring to them as being unbelievably badly written with useless characters etc.) as the first book “The Hunger Games” was released in 2008 but only became popular in 2012 due to the film. Having heard reviews such as “It’s like Gladiator meets I’m a celebrity get me out of here” I’m not sure what to expect. I have at long last started reading “The Hunger Games” but judging from my slow reading and lack of time to read (from spending all of it on Twitter) I have only reached Chapter 6.

But getting back to the more important matters….

I injured my feet (sympathy please), the “T” on my keyboard as come off and my father thought it necessary to leave my phone in the washing machine so I had to find some source of happiness…

After spending 3-4 hours on Twitter my spirits were fairly good and I decided to go on my newly discovered favourite “legal” movie website

After “legally” watching several movies and doing what my dad suggested and doing a practice exercise mission tests on the MI5 website (6/8) and the MI6 website (5/8) I found myself at a loss for what to do next…

1. Continue to read The Hunger Games

2. Tumblr update

3. YouTube

4. Twitter

5. Something productive

After eliminating the ridiculous I am left with only one option.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a Twitter RP account to be getting back to.

P.S May the odds be ever in your favour.